Hey there, you are probably new as an instructor to our platform?
Below here you will find a step by step guide on how to get started and set up a session.

  1. Go to Zoom and register an account with the subscription that suits you!
  2. Go to Activities -> My Activities -> Create Event!
    1. Write the title of the activity!
    2. Choose if the activity is gonna be invitation only!
    3. Write a description!
    4. Choose a category for the activity!
    5. Choose a location for the activity!
    6. Set start and end time for the activity!
    7. Set what timezone you are in.
    8. Set a limit of seats for the activity if 0 is set its unlimited.
    9. Press the "Create Activity"
  3. Go to Zoom and the hover over Host a meeting and choose what option fits you best.
    Zoom will then open up on your device.
    If you don't have it installed on your device it will download automatically.
    Install zoom login on the application and then choose to start a meeting.
  4. When you are in the meeting room press "manage participants" then press the button that says "more" and edit the settings after your preference.
  5. Copy the "Invitation URL" and password, add those to the activity feed, before the session starts.
  6. People will start to join, and then they will get to a waiting room. 
  7. Open up the activity page, check who is registered if the users that are in the lobby move them into the meeting. 
  8. When the session is started you can lock the room by going to Manage Participants -> More -> Lock Meeting
  9. When the session is over click "End Meeting".