Group training, wherever you may be

Are you in a lockdown? Unemployed? Stuck at home looking after kids or unable to go out?

In today's world, it's easy to forget about our own physical and mental health. But it's important we do! We need to stay active, and maintain social connections.

FitTogether is a platform for you to connect with friends you know, and friends you're yet to know, and do group training sessions with our approved instructors from around the world - all from the comfort of your home.

Find an activity you like to do - and people you like to do it with! Even if we can't all meet in real life, it's still more fun with friends!

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Why FitTogether?

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Hand picked trainers

We evaluate and hand pick all the trainers we allow to use our site.

Make Friends

It can be hard to motivate yourself, particularly if you're stuck at home. Connect with friends, old and new, and train together, then chat and share tips in the FitTogether community

Try different activities

Want to try something new? We offer a wide range of different activities

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